In response to the People's Republic of Bangladesh, to increase foreign investment in the specialized housing sector "Probashi Palli" is the first enormous foreign invested Project by Residential & Non-Residential Bangladeshis (NRB).

From the dawn of civilization, men have built their habitation on earth, at different places in different environments to meet their needs. Considering its importance and essentiality, habitation is now regarded as one of the basic human rights worldwide. We have achieved our independence 53 years ago. In this long spear of time no one ever thought about, "The Housing for Non-Resident Bangladeshis" (NRBs) before us. The chance of investing their hard-earned foreign currency is limited. Keeping this in mind, Probashi Palli Group has planned to provide some separate and specific housing plans for both Probashi and Shodeshi Bangladeshis of different occupations and classes. Investment in this project will be trustworthy, full of possibilities, and future secured.

Probashi Palli group Future Plan at Purbachol

With the wholehearted support of the Bangladeshi government, Foreign Ambassadors, and honorable Aristocrats, this Real-estate project is a great sector of investment for both resident and non-resident Bangladeshis. Our project covers a vast green area enriched with natural beauty and is situated just beside the Rajuk Purbachal Mega City. On 20th June 2007, we expressed our interest to built Probashi Palli Abashon in a seminar at Hotel Sonargaon in the presence of former Minister Ruhul Amin Hawlader.