Primarily specializing in Real Estate sector, PROBASHI PALLI HOLDINGS LTD encompasses other sectors in service and production segments in Bangladesh market. This holding is a corporate group of companies, commonly known as PROBASHI PALLI GROUP and formally known as PROBASHI PALLI HOLDINGS LTD, comprising of Limited Companies as well as Proprietorship Business entities. With this background, we can define our companies as – "Collection of parent and subsidiary business entities that functions as a single business entity through a common source of control."

Though the foregoing describes our corporate group in brief and general form, yet deliberate and specific attention is provided in any business group through laid out provisions of control measures. From the detail and elaborate points of view, we define our holdings as - "A group of companies that are engaged in business in different market segments under common administrative and financial control, whose members are linked by relations of interpersonal trust on the basis of similar or commercial background."
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