Business Entities
The Holdings is organized through 18 business entities as listed below and the sector/market segment of each is shown against their names:
Inspired Development Ltd. Purbachal Probashi Palli Ltd.
Probashi Palli River View Ltd. Shahjalal City Gazipur Ltd.
South Surma Development Ltd. Purbachal Shahporan City Ltd.
Purbachal Ain Palli Abason Ltd. British Institute of Business & Technology
Probashi Multimedia Communications Ltd. Faiza Securities Ltd.
Probashi Palli Agro Based Industries. Six Seasons Tech & Ideas Ltd.
Hotel Fahim Intl. Hotel Black Rose Ltd.
Purbachal Adnan City Ltd. Nadim Properties Ltd.
Probashi Palli Holdings Ltd. Adnan Trading Corporation.
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Business Entities
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Purbachal Probashi Palli
Probashi Palli River View
Probashi Palli Abasan
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Purbachal Shah Poran City
Purbachal Ain Palli
Probashi Palli Sylhet